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My name is Katie and I am the owner and founder of Asana Armor!  As a yoga instructor in Miami, FL, I practically live in yoga attire but had the hardest time finding styles that I liked. Most leggings I came across were see-through and I was constantly pulling them up throughout my practice. Overall they were just uncomfortable, distracting, and not all that cute. We should feel amazing in our active wear. It should support, cover, and boost you through even the toughest workouts. Which is exactly what Asana Armor was created to do: Make stylish active wear that's got your practice and your asana covered 😉. 

What does asana mean?

Asana refers to the yoga practice of poses. It is also a sanskrit suffix meaning "pose" as in vrksasana, (tree pose) and Bakasana (crane pose). 


Sustainability is really at the heart of Asana Armor.  We consider sustainability in every aspect of the company from big picture fabric sourcing and manufacturing to details like using recycled size tags and packaging that is completely recyclable or made from recycled materials.


Our fabrics are made from recycled water bottles, fish nets, and other plastics as well as natural fibers such as Tencel, awarded the “European Award for the Environment.” We are always looking for the newest and innovative development in eco-friendly fabrics.

​Of course, in order to get that stretchy-ness we all love in athletic wear, our fabrics often contain spandex, a synthetic man-made fiber. We are always searching for the best and newest developments in eco-friendly fabrics and hope in the future we will be able to replace even this stretchy athletic wear staple with something more green. ​



We also very conscious of our carbon footprint and how far a material has to go to get to us in Miami, FL. We try to locally source as much as possible to minimize our environmental impact and support our local community!


made with love in usa

We work with some pretty amazing woman-owned local businesses including the the manufacturers and seamstresses who create our clothes and our fabrics are almost entirely made in the USA. All of our suppliers manufacturers, seamstresses, photographers, and models are part of our Asana Armor family and we couldn't do it without you, our customers! Thank you for being a part of our tribe.  

Made wih love in the USA

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