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You Shouldn't Feel Guilty About Not Shopping 100% Sustainable

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Wait, we're a sustainable active wear company. We should be making you feel guilty about those $12 jeans you just bought from Target made in China, right? No. I probably have those jeans. I'm tired of seeing posts on social media shaming consumers for buying fast fashion products. Granted, they are right. Fast fashion is awful for the environment and eventually for your wallet when those $12 jeans start disintegrating on your body after a month. But I get it. And frankly it's not your fault.

We're going into our second year at Asana Armor in 2020--sidebar where did this year go?!-- so a good chunk of my income comes from teaching yoga. To be very honest, I am not exactly bringing home the vegetarian bacon. So I get it. Shopping sustainable can be expensive and most of the time those $12 jeans are just easier on the wallet than those $200 fair trade ones made from recycled denim. Why did I start a sustainable active wear company then you ask? Because businesses need to do better.

Sustainable products shouldn't have to break the bank and we do our best to create styles that are as affordable as possible. However, in a sea of fast-fashion businesses, sustainable companies, especially those that source and manufacture locally in the United States, are taking a profit hit to stay competitive with these larger companies. If more companies chose to produce sustainable products and endorse sustainable practices, suppliers of sustainable materials would thrive and be able to lower their prices.

But you don't have feel guilty for not picking up the ethical slack of fast fashion businesses. You can, however, help to push them a little in the right direction by creating a demand for sustainable products and practices. Every dollar you spend is a vote towards the future that you would like to live in. The more you choose to purchase from sustainable companies like Asana Armor, the more competitive we can become and the more accessible we can make sustainable, functional, stylish, and just overall awesome active wear for you.

So yes, shopping sustainable in 100% of your purchases and being 100% waste free is ideal in an ideal, perfect world. But this world isn't perfect. You don't have to be perfect. Heck we're not perfect. But we are trying our best and honestly if you've made it this far into the blog post, you are too.

Visit our About Us page for more information about out sustainability practice. Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at

Katie Sauvigné

Founder of Asana Armor

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